Jason is a bi-partisan leader working to break the log-jam on many important issues in St. Paul. In his first term, Jason successfully fought for major invests in our next generation. He secured all-day, every-day kindergarten for every child in Minnesota. He froze tuition at all two and four year public colleges and provided for student loan refinancing to save students and their families real money. This last year, Jason sponsored a $300 million tax cut for middle-income families and worked on a compromise for long-term transportation funding to ensure our roads and bridges are safe and we cut down on commuting delays.

No matter what, Jason is always willing to do what’s right for the northern suburbs, even if it means standing up to his own party.

Jason believes strongly in creating high wage jobs for Minnesotans and ensure we all have a high standard of living. He voted to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage to help low-wage workers get out of poverty. Jason supports ensuring that women receive equal pay for equal work, expanding job skills training and education, and rebuilding our infrastructure – creating jobs today and building the foundation that our businesses rely on to move goods and people. Jason is a leader in ensuring we invest in housing that is affordable to all income levels, including senior citizens and young families in our community.

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Education Innovation is our Future

Jason believes education at all levels is essential to Minnesota’s success. Every family, child and young adult must have an opportunity to thrive so they can contribute to our economy. PreK-12 Innovation “We need to bring career and technical (Vocational)...

Committed to Middle Class & Senior Tax Cuts

· Jason is the only member of either party to offer a true middle class tax cut. (Minnesota HF 3774) · Jason has offered property tax and income tax relief for seniors. (Minnesota HF 1768) “If the state of Minnesota continues collecting a surplus from the...