There are a lot of important issues facing us all, and below you will find information on how Jason views the issues he hears from constituents about the most.  Jason would love to hear from you to talk more in-depth about any issue important to you or that isn’t included below.

You can connect with Jason via phone at 612-600-5778 or via email at


Jason was a co-author on a bipartisan bill to provide emergency grants to small business owners and disability day service providers to help them keep their doors open amidst COVID-19. Jason strongly believes we need to follow the science and work to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in our communities. Jason will continue to provide support to constituents and businesses as we navigate the pandemic.

Criminal Justice and Police Reform

Jason supports police reform. He understands that police brutality has disproportionately affected black, indigninous and people of color and that our criminal justice and lawn enforcement systems need structural reforms to address injustice. Officers need thorough training for successful and safe interactions with the public. The goal must include being of service to the community and finding solutions that match the needs of the citizens. Violence can not be the go to answer to problems.


As a professor at Century College and parent of kids in Mounds View Public Schools, Jason believes that we need to fully fund education at the E-12 level. The state needs to reverse the trend of underfunding higher education and provide student debt relief. Jason believes properly funding higher education institutions is essential to reducing tuition rates. Jason is a member of Education Minnesota and is proud to be the only candidate in the race endorsed by Education Minnesota.


Climate change is real and so is science. We need to do everything in our power to reverse course on the environmentally damaging practices that contribute to climate change. In the 2020 session, Jason cosponsored the ban on the cancerous chemical TCE. Jason has repeatedly called for a statewide water plan to secure clean and plentiful water for generations to come.

Gun Violence Prevention

Jason supports common sense gun violence prevention measures such as universal background checks and red flag laws. We need to put the safety of our kids and communities first. Jason has sponsored legislation around universal background checks and hopes to pass this bill in the next session. Jason also supports the red flag law protecting family and friends. Jason is proud to be a Protect Minnesota Orange Star candidate and a Moms Demand Gun Sense candidate.


Jason believes that health care is a right. Everyone should have access to health care regardless of their circumstances. Jason has worked to support funding for the disability community as well as seniors who are subject to the awful practice of the “spend down”. A prevention model of health care is superior to the cure based model we have right now. The more we do to help people get their health care needs met upfront, the more money the state and our communities will save in the future.