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Week 2 Update

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It has come to my attention the Senate’s webform system is currently experiencing technical difficulties. If you have attempted to contact my office by using our online email webform and have not received a response, please email me or my legislative assistant directly. Our IT department is working to resolve the issues, but we unfortunately do not have an accurate timeline for when we can expect it to be fixed.

Legislation Effecting LGBTQI Minnesotans

This session, I am working with Senator Dibble and House colleagues to introduce a bill to establish an advisory council for LGBTQI Minnesotans. All Minnesotans deserve to be adequately represented within their government, and the goal of this bill is to create a council that will work for the implementation of economic, social, legal, and political equity for Minnesota’s LGBTQI community. They will ultimately work with the legislature and the governor to advise us on issues confronting LGBTQI Minnesotans.

In addition to this bill, I also signed on to chief author a bill to ban conversion therapy in the state of Minnesota. Several identical bills are being offered by my Senate colleagues as this is an incredibly important issue. As many know, conversion therapy is a practice seeking to change an individual’s sexual orientation to heterosexual. The practice is not rooted in science and is not only ineffective in ‘converting’ LGBTQ individuals, it is downright harmful to their mental health and wellbeing – particularly with our LGBTQ youth. After meeting with constituents and listening to their concerns, I am proud to offer both bills this session on their behalf. 

Constituent visits

On Tuesday, I met with a group of constituents for Education Minnesota’s Members of Color Lobby Day 2019. I always enjoy meeting with fellow educators, it gives us an opportunity to share stories and talk about the problems we face. As a professor, know I will always prioritize increasing Minnesota’s investment in public education. If you have any particular issues relating to education, please set up a meeting for us to chat about it – I want to be your advocate here at the Capitol.

Earlier this year, I received an invitation to join Arc’s Minnesota Self-Advocacy Advisory Committee as they met to discuss the issues people with disabilities face. I was honored to join their meeting Tuesday evening to engage with folks and learn more. If there is one thing I always encourage individuals to do when we are talking about my work at the Senate it is to speak up for yourself and advocate for the things that matter to you. If you or someone you know is living with a disability and would be interested in joining this committee, visit to learn more. Their next committee meeting is on February 13, 2019. Thank you for having me! 

Health and Human Services – 7% Cut to Disability Services

Last session, an effort was made to reverse the 7% cut to disability services Minnesota is experiencing due to a lack of funding from the federal government. Unfortunately, the bill we passed was included in the 990-page supplemental budget bill that was ultimately vetoed by Governor Dayton. Work is already underway to pass this legislation again this biennium in order to restore funding to help providers pay their staff better wages and ensure people living with disabilities get quality care. We heard two bills on this topic during my Human Services Reform Committee meeting on Thursday, and both bills will have to be laid over until the legislature receives the state’s updated budget forecast in February.

As always, please feel free to call or email if you have any questions, comments, or ideas for legislative proposals. 

– Jason Isaacson


Week 1 Update

Friends and neighbors,

The 2019 legislative session began Tuesday. It’s great to be back at our State Capitol working on your behalf. Please stop by to visit my office any time.

As I walked into the Capitol on Tuesday, the atmosphere of the building felt different – I have not felt this much optimism for a legislative session since my first session back in 2013. We have the only legislature with divided partisan control in the country right now, and I truly believe this will encourage all legislators to work together in a more bipartisan fashion. I am excited to see what we can accomplish on behalf of all Minnesotans.

While our committees do not start meeting until next week, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about some of the things that are at the top of my to-do list this session:

Gun Violence Prevention Legislation

I joined members of Protect Minnesota, Moms Demand Action, and some of my Senate DFL colleagues on Tuesday as we kicked off the 2019 legislative session with a rally urging my fellow legislators to immediately prioritize gun violence prevention legislation. Currently, around 90 percent of Minnesotans support criminal background checks and gun violence prevention, so I am committed to continue my work on this issue. Now is the time to act, not when another tragedy has befallen us. You can watch a clip of me speaking HERE.

MinnesotaCare Buy-In

One top priority for both the Senate and House DFL caucuses this session is the establishment of the MinnesotaCare Buy-In. The MinnesotaCare Buy-In is a cost-effective solution to bringing down the cost of health care because the program would be funded by the premiums of those who buy coverage and would require no ongoing costs for Minnesota taxpayers. This is a smart investment that would give Minnesotans more options for high-quality, affordable health care at clinics and hospitals across the state. I have always said: paying for it now through preventative care is cheaper than paying for it later in the emergency room, so I hope some of my colleagues across the aisle join us to pass this monumental legislation.


Last biennium I authored legislation to modify how the state of Minnesota handles our redistricting process in order to make the process less partisan and more transparent. I plan on offering an updated version of this legislation this session, so stay tuned for more concrete updates on what this proposal will look like. It is important for the redistricting process to be nonpartisan in order to obtain an unbiased result, so we need to work together in order for this legislation to advance.

Paid Family Leave and Childcare

Right now, Minnesota is facing a childcare crisis as the cost of childcare continues to rise. This session, I look forward to working with my Republican colleague, Senator Bill Weber, to find affordable solutions for providers in the metro and Greater Minnesota. In addition, working families would benefit from a strong Paid Family Leave system – a fair, commonsense solution to help Minnesota workers take care of themselves and their families. By working together in partnership with businesses, families, and care providers, I believe we can craft a solution to benefit all working Minnesotans.


In addition to these proposals, I offered legislation to create a system for automatic voter registration this week in order to strengthen Minnesota’s electorate, and I will continue to be a strong advocate for increased funding for E-12 and higher education. Together, we can create a Minnesota that champions education, takes care of our workers and our families, and continues to build for a brighter tomorrow.

As I mentioned, I have a high level of optimism for this legislation session. I know we can find bold solutions to the challenges we encounter. As always, never hesitate to reach out with your ideas, questions, comments, or concerns. Schedule an appointment to come talk about what you would like to see accomplished or to just come say hi – my door is always open.



Education Innovation is our Future

Jason believes education at all levels is essential to Minnesota’s success. Every family, child and young adult must have an opportunity to thrive so they can contribute to our economy.

PreK-12 Innovation

“We need to bring career and technical (Vocational) education back into our junior and senior high schools. For far too long we have neglected this aspect of education in our state. Minnesota needs to value all avenues of education, not just four year degrees. Students need to have a wide range of educational opportunities in both math and science as well as the trades and technical education. I am committed to bringing career and technical education back to our schools, so every young adult has an opportunity to thrive.” – Jason Isaacson

Jason is committed to supporting our schools in the following ways:

  •         Provide for adequate teacher salaries
  •         Provide the resources needed to teach in the classroom
  •         Provide regulatory relief for our special education teachers
  •         Provide schools with adequate funding to allow for a diversity of programs and opportunities for students
  •         Provide each district with the resources need to have adequate counseling and mental health support.
  •         Provide support to our schools to address and finally solve the equity issue that plagues our schools. We can no longer accept the status quo of the achievement gap our minority communities. This is a crisis that we must continue to address.

Higher Education Innovation

Jason is committed to working with all interested parties to ensure that we continue to match educational programs with employers’ needs

Jason has worked with the Minnesota Chamber, local businesses, and many Minnesota State Colleges to create a customized training program. He has authored bills to provide support to both businesses and students alike. Helping employers find employees in the manufacturing sector and helping the employees get an education to accompany a well-paying job. Jason’s legislation resulted in over $5 million dollars in support for middle class families. (Minnesota HF 1391 & HF 729)

“Minnesota has built an amazing higher education system. At the same time we’ve seen a resurgence in manufacturing jobs. Sadly, in part due to the lack of career and technical education in high school, we are facing a work shortage. By partnering our institutions of higher education with the major employers in their regional economy, we’ll be able to create a workforce ready to meet the needs of manufacturing businesses. My work the past four years in the Minnesota House of Representatives has been to facilitate hose connections. I will work tirelessly to continue providing support to small businesses and those looking for a career in manufacturing.

“We have a student debt crisis in Minnesota. The state needs to accept responsibility for funding and supporting higher education. We cannot allow schools to price an entire segment of our population out of post-secondary education. There was a time that the Minnesota paid for the majority of education costs. We need to reinvest in our schools. We need to shift the burden away from students in our four year and technical education institutions. Part of the reason we have so many Fortune 500 companies in Minnesota is our educated and competent workforce. We cannot afford to lose that edge over other states.” – Jason Isaacson

Committed to Middle Class & Senior Tax Cuts

· Jason is the only member of either party to offer a true middle class tax cut. (Minnesota HF 3774)
· Jason has offered property tax and income tax relief for seniors. (Minnesota HF 1768)

“If the state of Minnesota continues collecting a surplus from the Minnesota taxpayers, we will need to reduce the tax burden on the Middle Class. For far too long we have placed the middle class in a peculiar donut hole. We have forced them to pay for our government with the least amount of assistance. The rich have the money they need and we have a multitude of important programs to help the less fortunate. Sadly, the middle class gets stuck with the check. The only group we should focus tax cuts on are the middle class. This should include not just cuts, but targeted tax credits for working families and those raising children.

“A great example of this is how the Federal government requires that students under 24 years of age count their parents income when considering financial aid. Many parents make enough so the student cannot get financial aid. However the parents, many of whom have their own student debt, cannot afford to financially help their children pay for school.” – Jason Isaacson

Over 21,000 Doors Knocked

Team Isaacson has knocked more than 21,000 doors so far! When Ike is our voice at the Capitol, he’ll make sure the economy works for all of us.

With three weeks left until the election, we hope you’ll volunteer to join us to get our message out to the voters in SD 42!