Jason “Ike” Isaacson is a proud husband, father, educator, avid fisherman and devout sports fan. He lives with his wife, three children (Iver, Owen, and Esme) and in Shoreview. Jason has had the honor of representing the northern suburbs in the State House since 2012 and he’s now asking for your support to continue his service to our community in the State Senate.

Jason is committed to our community in his professional life and through his volunteerism. When not at the legislature, Jason works as an instructor at Century College, helping ensure we have the best workforce possible for the jobs of today and tomorrow. In his free time, Jason serves on the board of PEASE Academy, a recovery high school. He also volunteers as a Mounds View youth football coach and board member.

Jason is a graduate of North Dakota State University and proudly roots for his national champion NDSU Bison.