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Jason has had the honor of representing the northern suburbs in the State Senate since 2016 and he’s now asking for your support to continue his service to our community.

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First lit drop of the year. Great showing this morning. Huge thank you to all that joined us! Dropped over a 1,000 pieces! #forthewin #dflmajority ...

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My thoughts on the despicable behavior of Rep. Yoho. ...

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This unacceptable behavior is problematic for two important reasons.

1. It demonstrates yet another example of how women are treated as second class citizens in our society. His boorish behavior is born of male privilege and entitlement. There is a clear and unacceptable double standard on women which in turn is another barrier for women to overcome in our society. He is an example of what is wrong with our country today. He is literally why AOC and others work so hard to undue centuries of marginalizing and relegating women to the footnotes of history.

2. It demonstrates what is wrong with politics today. One can be passionate and even heated without attacking another personally. One can call out another with intelligence and even a bit of snark without vile name calling. I may be working hard to defeat my opponents or the MN GOP in the senate, but after the dust flies I need to work with them to solve the states problems. I cannot and will not start with the premise that my friends across the isle are bad people.

We are better than this as a nation, and certainly better than this as a state. I call on all elected officials to denounce this kind of behavior and engage in the process of problem solving and the common good.

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4 weeks ago

Jason Isaacson for SD42

Game Show Event starts about 25 minutes in! Play along in the comments. Donate:

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2020 End of Session Recap

The MN Senate adjourned the 2020 legislative session at midnight on Sunday. While this session was anything but normal, I am proud to have served district 42 for another session. While we passed some important and critical legislation this session, we still have more work to do. The bonding bill failed to pass both the House and Senate, leaving projects for district 42, and across the state, unapproved. A special session in June is likely and I look forward to continuing this vital work.

Weekly Update – May 8

We have now entered the final 2 weeks of the traditional legislative session. I am working hard to ensure we remain focused on health and business as we all move forward. This week a new budget forecast was released and a bill to end child marriage in Minnesota was passed off the Senate floor.  

I also want to take a moment and thank all of the nurses and educators serving our community, it is with your dedication to service that our communities remain healthy and strong. As always, I have included resources you may find useful during this time.

Weekly Update – May 1

As we approach what would be the end of the legislative session, I am thankful for all of your feedback, letters and kind words. This pandemic has challenged us on many fronts. I remain committed to addressing the many issues that have arisen within the past month. We will continue to work as quickly as possible to address issues that have arisen due to COVID. 

I know these times are difficult, but we will endure this period of uncertainty together, and as your State Senator, I will be working with my colleagues to ensure Minnesota families are taken care of. As always, I have included resources you may find useful during this time. 

Weekly Update – April 24

The legislature just entered the last 4 weeks of the legislative session, a time that would be busy, passing bills to be sent to conference committee and working towards agreements. COVID-19 has changed the way the legislature is currently operating, but I remain committed to addressing the many issues that have arisen within the past month. We will continue to work as quickly as possible to address issues that have arisen due to COVID. 

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